RIPE Atlas Monitor

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A Python tool to monitor results collected by RIPE Atlas probes and verify they match against predefined expected values.

How does it work?

On the basis of a RIPE Atlas measurement previously created, you define a monitor by declaring which results you expect that probes should produce: rules are used to map probes and their expected results. Depending on whether the collected results match the expectations, custom actions are performed: to log the result, to send an email, a syslog message or to run an external program.

descr: Check network reachability
- descr: Probes from France via AS64496
  src_country: FR
  expected_results: ViaAS64496
  actions: EMailToNOC
- descr: RTT from AS64499 and AS64500 below 50ms
  - 64499
  - 64500
  expected_results: LowRTT
  actions: EMailToNOC
    upstream_as: 64496
    rtt: 50
    kind: email
    subject: "ripe-atlas-monitor: unexpected results"
measurement-id: 123456789


This tool is currently in beta: some field tests have been done but it needs to be tested deeply and on more scenarios.

Moreover, contributions (fixes to code and to grammatical errors, typos, new features) are very much appreciated. More details on the contributing guide.

Bug? Issues?

But also suggestions? New ideas?

Please create an issue on GitHub at


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