Global configurationΒΆ

The global configuration file contains some options that are used by the program to run: the working directory path, logging options, default values for some actions and so on.

By default, ripe-atlas-monitor looks for this file in $HOME/.config/ripe-atlas-monitor (if $HOME is not defined, it tries with /etc/ripe-atlas-monitor/config.cfg), but this path can be set with the --cfg command line argument.

Only one parameter is really needed, it is the var directory used by the program to store its monitors configuration files and a bunch of other data (IP addresses cache, running status).

You can initialize the global configuration file by executing ripe-atlas-monitor init-config: this command copies the template file to the default path. Add the --cfg argument to use a custom path.

Comments within the file itself should be enough to explain the various options. If you want to take a look at it, you can find it on GitHub.